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Road to Recovery The Long Journey Begins

One of the more common phrases we’ve repeatedly heard from medical experts and government officials throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to “flatten the curve”. It’s a requirement to get [...]

COVID-19 Disruption Reveals Challenges in Our Meat Supply

While supply chains struggle to keep up, COVID-19 is revealing how the erosion of local slaughterhouses in recent years has jeopardized the quality and reliability of our meat supply. First it [...]

Advance Care Planning More Important Now Than Ever

Advanced care planning – decisions about what you’d like your end of life care to look like – have always been important, but COVID-19 has made such discussions more important now than ever, [...]

Why has Canada’s Data Collection Been So Bad?

Canadians are finally seeing projections of COVID-19 cases, deaths and needs for intensive-care units from various provinces and the federal government. We are also starting to see simulations [...]

Hack Your Culture to Lead Through COVID-19

COVID-19 is disrupting life as we know it, and sadly, we are not nearing the end of this crisis. As remote work becomes the new normal and business operations shift to account for a rapidly [...]

Charitable Sector Essential During and Beyond COVID-19

In the avalanche of news related to the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 and the resulting response from governments at all levels, we are facing a devastating consequence that many people [...]

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