Features » May 23

Skyrocketing Home Prices: When Will it End?

Despite a global pandemic that has ravaged healthcare and economies the world over, by far the most resilient aspect of the past 18 months in Canada has been the overheated residential real [...]

Mitigating the Pandemic Effects on Future STEM Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing full and partial lockdowns that swept across Canada and the world have had unprecedented effects on education. Many Canadian high schools shifted to a [...]

Minimize Taxes By Charitable Donations and Bequests

You may be one of the generous Canadians that donate to charities, giving to causes you care deeply about, and as such the tax incentives are not top-of-mind. However, by having a strategic [...]

Canadian CEOs Out of Step with Stakeholders on ESG Goals

The pandemic has heightened awareness that continuing crises around climate, inequality and social cohesion are interconnected and must be addressed collectively. Economic thinkers from Mariana [...]

The Return of Innovation

In Budget 2021, “A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth and Resilience,” the Government of Canada bets big on innovation, research and workforce development as a means to fire up the economy and pull [...]

Ontario Estate Law Updates

The Ontario government recently passed new legislation which has introduced several amendments to Ontario’s estate law landscape. The new rules on virtual signing and gifts to minors are already [...]