Features » Nov/Dec 09

Maverick Construction

Land access Access to land is a most pressing issue for those who don’t have it. It is easily taken for granted that the roads that traverse our nation, and resources eked out of our withholding [...]

Industry Report: Forest products

Strong loonie. Competition from low-cost regions. High fuel and energy prices. New provincial policies. Decreasing market demand. High cost of operations. Inadequate supplies. At the risk of [...]

Onsite: 9th Annual Athabasca Oil Sands Conference

A clear signal of times ahead was the booming success of the 9th Annual Athabasca Oil Sands Conference hosted in Edmonton, Alberta. This year’s conference highlighted operating and [...]

Special Interview: Minister Boyd of Saskatchewan

On October 26th, CBJ had the privilege of speaking with the Honourable Minister Boyd about the potential for the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan. The province’s boom has been in effect [...]

Onsite: Canadian Manufacturing and Technology Show

What`s next for manufacturing in Canada—a microcosm of the industry in Toronto The most recent issue of Manufacturing Engineering, a publication distributed by the Society of Manufacturing [...]

The New Media

SaraK: Really nice to meet you Prime Minister Harper. PM Harper: Likewise, what’s your name? SaraK: Sara Kopamees. PM Harper: What do you do Sara? SaraK: I work with a company called George [...]