Features » November 10

Half of Canadians struggling to save

On October 12, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled the Canadian government’s mid-year economic report card to a group of businessmen and women in Mississauga, Ontario. Flaherty’s [...]

Restrictive Covenants

It is an appealing idea for you as an employer to want to restrict your employee’s freedom to leave to work for a competitor or to solicit your customers.  It makes sense; you have [...]

Up in the Air

About 24 kilometres south of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Canadian Armed Forces are scrambling to relocate the “secret” military base Camp Mirage. The UAE had granted Canada [...]

B.C. Bylaw to Halt Puppy Sales

A bylaw may see the dogs gone soon from pet stores across Richmond, B.C. On Oct. 12, Richmond city council approved a reading of a proposed bylaw that would eliminate the sale of puppies at pet [...]

Strategic Marketing and International Technology Adoption

Last month the Cleantech Group released the Cleantech 100. This list assembled a league of extraordinary companies that would have the greatest global affect over the next five to 10 years [...]

Fiscal policy for a stronger tomorrow

The global financial and economic crisis dealt a severe blow to the fiscal positions of most industrial nations, including Canada. Many advanced economies emerged from the recession with the [...]

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