Business in Action » November 11

MiHR Innovate: A catalyst for sharing mining HR practices and knowledge

In April, the CBJ featured the first in a three-part article series which introduced readers to the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), the council for the Canadian minerals and [...]

Thinking of selling your company?

Maybe a Retirement Compensation Arrangement could be your way to a flexible pension plan. Demographics dictate that as many as 80 per cent of small business owners will either sell or pass on [...]

Northern Promises

There is something about the air in the Western Arctic; rarefied, atavistic – as if breathing it for any length of time unburdens one of self importance and distils in you a visceral, [...]

The Independent Board: Take a stand on who sits in your chair

Amid market share losses to competitors and technical failures that have angry BlackBerry users taking to the Twittersphere to vent their frustration, Research in Motion Limited (RIM) faces [...]

Rim back in motion

It seemed like Research in Motion Inc. (RIM) was going to catch a break that day. Apple, in a rare misstep, drew criticism and disappointment from fans expecting the release of the iPhone 5, but [...]

A step closer to a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy?

Energy security is directly linked to economic competitiveness and job growth. The energy sector is a cornerstone of our prosperity. It plays a critical role for Canada in serving the energy [...]

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