Features » November 14

Canadian Innovation on the Decline

As Canadians, we fancy portraying ourselves as residing at the top-end of the intellectual spectrum with other developed industrialized nations regarding business success, opportunities and [...]

Raising Capital for your Business

There is money, believe it or not, for those individuals and companies with well thought-out business plans. The money is looking for those that have a good understanding of their business and [...]

The Diaspora Makes a Significant Contribution to International Development

Recently released data by the World Bank show that global remittance flows — the money international migrants send to their home countries to support their families and communities — will reach [...]

Squashing the “Know-Do Gap”

I got the inspiration for this article on a recent visit to England. I was staying at my sister’s and decided to have breakfast on the patio on a stunning summer’s morning. I reveled at the [...]

Catalyst’s Global Report Uncovers New Layers of Inequity for Women in STEM Industries

It’s no secret that women in tech roles in STEM—the science, technology, engineering and math industries—face significant challenges. Catalyst’s groundbreaking new global report, High Potentials [...]

Yes, Social Media Can Be a Complete Waste Of Time

Being a social media consultant, people expect me to be the first person to jump up and defend every aspect of the social stratosphere like it’s some sort of golden ticket to success. Sorry to [...]

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