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Shifting R&D Spending From Products To Software And Services

By 2020, companies will have shifted the majority of their R&D spending away from product-based offerings to software and service offerings, according to the 2016 Global Innovation 1000 [...]

Advice On Protecting A Business

A client recently asked about ways to safeguard her business’s future. She’s in business with two partners, and although everything is going great right now, they want to make sure it stays that [...]

Are We Ready For The Next Generation Of Small Business Owners

Canadian business is about to go through an era of unprecedented upheaval. Is it an economic crisis? A climate calamity? A Trump presidency? It’s much worse: a mass-retirement of business owners! [...]

Keep Focused On Security This Holiday Season

Cyber security continues to be a top priority for Canadian companies. With the threat landscape changing daily, senior executives and boards of directors should ensure their IT security teams [...]

The Need For Family Doctors To Retire Responsibly

Dr. Jean Clarke and her family practice partner were about to retire from over 30 years of practice when the uncertainty of their 2,500 patients’ futures along with Dr. Clarke’s own hit her. Her [...]

Developing Canada’s International Growth Strategy

A fundamental goal for Canadian policymakers and business leaders is to create an even more developed international economic strategy that will lead to enhanced diversity and growth within the [...]

The Case For a Manufacturer’s Agent

After researching and choosing a new market to penetrate, exporters often rely on recommendations and referrals to seek out potential agents to represent them. However, many do not take the next [...]

The Next Big Thing in Canada: Field Robots

Imagine if a robot could watch over Canada’s forests 24 hours a day, seven days a week without ever tiring; or alert us of forest fires as soon as they start and take quick action to extinguish [...]

A Review Of Last Month’s One-day Internet Meltdown

The Internet blew up one day during the middle of last month. This time it was big; possibly the largest attack yet. And the people who did it (they are a group of people who call themselves New [...]

How An Estate Trustee During Litigation Can Support Good Outcomes In Family Disputes

The settlement of an estate can be a magnet for disputes and litigation, especially when the estate is complex, possibly involving ongoing businesses, real estate and investment properties. [...]

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