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Fighting Entrepreneur Burnout and Depression

Being an entrepreneur can be mentally taxing. In June, the Canadian Mental Health Association produced a report with statistics that confirmed what I, unfortunately, already knew to be true. [...]

Mental Health Therapies Should Be Fully Funded by Medicare

Could we be doing more to prevent suicide in Canada? The answer is an unmitigated, yes. Access to timely and appropriate interventions for depression, including drug therapy and psychotherapy,can [...]

Knowledge Management: From Theory to Practice

Companies are increasingly investing in knowledge management projects. But knowledge management in companies is still quite limited. Knowledge management can help companies identify their [...]

Benefits of Diversity in Business

We are living in a complex world of technology and globalization. Many feel that their status quo is being questioned and under attack by newcomers from other cultures, by the changes in our [...]

How to Deal with Negativity Online

Protecting your reputation online is more important than ever. Unhappy customers used to share their negative experiences only with a few friends and family members. Today, unhappy customers can [...]

Acknowledging Your Customers

Recently I was standing in line at a large retail store that has multiple locations across the country. The only person serving at the counter was one man who soon left with a customer to take [...]

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