Business in Action » October 10

Interview with Saskatchewan Health Minister Don McMorris

This month, The Canadian Business Journal had the exciting opportunity to chat with Saskatchewan’s Minister of Health Don McMorris, discussing a variety of front burner healthcare issues. [...]

Exclusive interview: Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation Cindy Ady

For this issue, the CBJ team was eager to have the opportunity to get to the heart of the tourism industry in Alberta—so we contacted the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Cindy Ady. [...]

Entrepreneur spotlight: Hailey Coleman

In keeping with this month’s theme of all things Dragons’ Den, our entrepreneur spotlight shines on Hailey Coleman, a recent graduate of Ryerson’s Business Management program [...]

Is peak oil a reality?

Last month in CBJ’s Clean 15 Series, I very briefly mentioned the concept of using more resources than we replenish as a major premise of our current business paradigms. In the article, I [...]

Think long and hard about serving on the board of a non-profit organization

No matter how worthy the cause or how dear it may be to your heart, ask first about your potential liability as a Director. Do the by-laws provide for indemnification of Directors found liable [...]

The heat is on: CBJ’s Sara Kopamees lunches with the dragons

The interview begins with a lot of chuckling because I have just been told that Kevin has to leave our lunch interview early, at 12:15. Not for a nail-biting deal meeting, or a conference call, [...]

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