Features » October 14

Social Responsibility and Mining in the Current Context of SRI and ESG

There is a new emerging trend cutting across sectors, jurisdictions, exchanges and investment products which is becoming a focal point of various stakeholders. The search is on to find which [...]

The Earn-out In a Company Sale:What is it?

Disagreements emerge in any negotiation. For transactions in the middle market, the friction is typically about price. Despite months of negotiation, buyers and sellers often have trouble [...]

Toronto’s Big Decision

Voters in Ontario head to the polls in municipal elections on Oct. 27 with a number of very hotly contested races expected in some towns and cities to determine who will serve as mayors, [...]

The Crown Jewels Of Your Business

While visiting London, England a few years ago I decided to do some typical tourist activities and headed to the Tower of London. If you haven’t been there it’s a great visit; full of people, [...]

Taxis Vs. Uber a Perfect Example Of Resistance To Change

In cities all over the world an ugly war is being fought by “traditional” taxi companies against a new form of competition from Uber and other ride-sharing services. THESE NEWCOMERS’ METHODS [...]

Crude Oil:Marching to a Different Drummer

Crude oil prices typically spike whenever there is an escalation in geopolitical tensions involving oil-producing nations directly or indirectly, but this time around markets do not appear to be [...]

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