Features » October 16

Courier Services: The Fastest Consolidating Industry In North America

The courier industry has gone through numerous changes over the years, starting with homing pigeons, runners and horseback riders and evolving into a modern day industry with several large [...]

Why Certain Executive Teams Fail

Products are becoming more complex, services more demanding, timescales ever shortening, and pressure on Executive Teams at an all-time high. And it does not look it will be changing anytime [...]

Proven Customer Retention Strategies

There’s so much emphasis on new forms of communication, contact, and customer service. But when it comes to clients returning to your business again and again, old-school strategies are more [...]

Building the Skills to Pay the Bills

What’s the best way to improve the skills of the Canadian workforce? Consider that 65% of children now entering grade school will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet and [...]

Canadian Businesses Expect Growth In U.S. Trade

Canadian firms continue to see the U.S. as an intimate trading partner and its market a source of growth, according to a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in partnership with [...]

Lobster Fishing is Becoming An International Boon for The Maritimes

For many decades the Maritime Provinces have most often lagged behind the other regions of Canada in terms of economic development, but as of 2015 there has been a pleasantly surprising [...]

Preparing for Global Deflation

I had the opportunity of interviewing Mike Verge, Managing Director at Ontario Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association, regarding his fascinating book and his message rang true [...]

Is Your Organization Due for a Social Media Health Check

The business benefits of social media are widely documented and today almost every organization, regardless of the industry, has leveraged social channels to improve their bottom line through [...]

Things You Might Not Know Are Made with Plastics

Sports clothing, hockey equipment, gymnastics floors, surfboards, tennis racquets, goggles, bicycles, sneakers, pole vault poles, golf clubs. World-class sports require world-class gear. Amateur [...]

Major Infrastructure Investment at UBC – $51.5-million Investment will Create Jobs, Expand Research

Post-secondary institutions help equip young Canadians with the education and training they need for future careers that will help them join a strong, healthy middle class. The recent [...]