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Canadian Franchise Association

Franchising in Canada represents about $96 billion per year for the country’s GDP, equaling 5% of the nation’s economy. At last count there were 75,765 franchise units operating under 1,300 [...]

Canada Needs New Data For a New Economy Time to focus on assessing skills in workforce development

When the federal Liberals took power in 2015, they made evidence a key priority in policy making. Michael Barber, known for his ground-breaking work in “Deliverology,” the science of getting [...]

Are We There Yet? The Impossible Journey Towards A Fully Digital Banking Future

The Canadian finance sector is increasingly adopting on-line processes spanning everything from paperless mortgage applications to insurance claims. But as much as things have progressed, are we [...]

Planning The Smallest Details Pays The Biggest Dividends

When you coach a hockey team made up of players with small physiques you can’t leave anything to chance. It is tough to play against bigger players who possess strength and a reach that take away [...]

Challenges of Managing Sponsorship Programs for a World Sporting Event

The 2017-18 edition of the prestigious Volvo Ocean Race was recently completed by world-class sailors from all over the world travelling a distance of 45,000 nautical miles. ATPI Sports Events – [...]

Critical Elements to Effective Social Selling on LinkedIn

Are you generating new leads and clients with social selling on LinkedIn each month? Are you able to clearly demonstrate a tangible ROI from your current social selling efforts? If you answered [...]

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