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The Challenge of Change

Our world as we know it has been turned upside down – businesses and restaurants are shut down and we are told to stay indoors and avoid the most basic human experience of hugging our loved ones. [...]

A Better Way to Create Competitive Advantage

Once the important paradigm of knowledge management was accepted by both the scholars of the academy of management and executives, knowledge cycle model began to make sense. The focus of this [...]

COVID-19: The Entire World Turned Upside Down

It was about this time last month when we were putting the final touches on the contents for our March issue. Never could anyone have imagined the unthinkable horror that was about to be [...]

Leaving Nobody Behind with COVID-19

On the heels of the COVID-19 crisis, the federal government has now improved access to Employment Insurance, and some provinces, but not all, have discouraged employers from requiring sick notes. [...]

When the Epidemic Curve Flattens

It’s taken too long for many governments, including Canada’s, to recognize the seriousness of the Corona virus pandemic when even days of delay can have large effects on the ultimate death toll. [...]

Business Distancing

By now we are all aware of the importance of curbing our social instincts in order to avoid propagating the COVID-19 disease by thoughtlessly congregating with groups of people. This not easy as [...]

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