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Has LinkedIn Lost Its Way?

When you market to everyone, you market to no one. It’s an age-old truism of marketing that highlights the importance of sticking to, and amplifying, what makes you unique and serves your target [...]

Learning from COVID-19

Apart from the “new normal” necessity of wearing a mask, the Covid-19 experience has brought about many other changes in our business lives. Publications like The Economist are saying that [...]

Three WWII History Lessons for the Post-Pandemic Boom

As COVID-19 sustains its grip on our lives and global economies, the blistering devastation of it all is taking center stage. Comparisons to World War II have been made by politicians around the [...]

Creating the New Normal

After more than two months of being socially distanced in a dreary lockdown society the dust is beginning to settle and as such Canadians are managing a glimpse of the prodigious damage tendered [...]

Governments Must Do More to Provide Critical Internet Access to Low Income Households

There was a time when Internet access was a luxury – a ‘nice to have,’ – but that time has long since past. Now, with COVID-19, Internet access is an essential lifeline to health appointments, [...]

There is a playbook for Return-to-Work — ask Moms and Dads

At some point – maybe soon, maybe still many weeks away – we will be presented with the monumental task of bringing employees across the country back to work. Employees who have been physically [...]

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