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Consolidating the Value Chain the Co-Op Way

I am passionate about this segment of our nation’s economy and enjoy seeing entrepreneurship in the values of co-operatives and credit unions. According to Economic Impact of the Co-Operative [...]

Retain Good Workers with Knowledge Management Strategy

Executives focus on individuals as the major source of knowledge, and show how followers tie together so that they can affect the sharing, storage, transfer, and apply knowledge within companies. [...]

November 3, 2020: Trump vs. Biden

It is not unduly pronounced to surmise that November 3, 2020 may go down in the annals of U.S. history as a day that eventually holds the significance of other landmark dates such as July 4, [...]

End the Bank of Canada’s Fixation on Inflation

The Bank of Canada recently launched public consultations on its Monetary Policy Framework, which is scheduled for renewal next year. The Covid-19 pandemic and double-digit unemployment could [...]

Transformational, Supportive Leadership during COVID-19

The behaviour of managers and supervisors in organizations affects the mental health of their employees. This is especially true during times of uncertainty, such as a global pandemic. Does a [...]

Working in Long-term Care during the Pandemic

The worst day of a COVID-19 outbreak in long-term care is the first day. There are tears. How did it get in? How did we fail? How do we tell the families? When does the media show up? There is [...]

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