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How to Adapt an Organization Without Uprooting its DNA

Successful business founders make decisions about job titles and organizational charts, when and how to grow, and which capabilities and technologies are important. In doing so, they establish [...]

Ensuring Prescriptions Are Safe

If you take prescription medications, what conditions do you take them for? Are they working for you? Have you experienced any negative side-effects from them? It may surprise you to know that [...]

What the Best Leaders Do

After World War Two, leadership theoretical models stemmed from research based on military leaders and their followers. This was mostly funded by the GI Bill that helped many soldiers pursue [...]

How to Win At the Social Proof Game

The power of third-party credibility is undeniable, and social media is its biggest conduit. But not all social proof is created equal. LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations are prime [...]

With change comes potential

How upheaval in the Canadian labour market can become a burden or an opportunity for employers that tackle wellbeing This article is an excerpt from Gallagher’s 2019 Organizational Wellbeing [...]

UNIFOR: Supporting workers and communities across Canada

Six years after the creation of Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union, President Jerry Dias and a close-knit executive team continue to fight for the deserved working rights of each and [...]

Three Ways to Beat the Risks That Come with Cloud Computing

History shows that every generation of business leaders will face external forces over which they have little control, but with which they must contend if they hope to achieve long-term success. [...]

Are Canadian Courts Toughening Up On Private Arbitration?

While Canadian trial and appeal courts generally afford a large measure of deference to private arbitration, especially commercial arbitration, private arbitrators still need to comply with [...]

An Immigrant’s Experience

A recent 30 year-old UK immigrant to Toronto was looking for a job. He had been assured that his accounting certificate, his formal manners combined with an easy personality would help him to [...]

How to Save an Ailing Company

Having worked, consulted and coached for many companies over many years, I realized that some of these companies now no longer exist. For some they were acquired by larger, more aggressive [...]

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