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Activating the Law of Reciprocity in Social Media

Has anyone ever returned a favor to you after you have you done something nice for them? This is known as the Law of Reciprocity, and it can be an incredibly powerful force in social media. When [...]

Canada’s senior financial executives predict growth despite geopolitical and economic concerns

From navigating new global trade regulations, to weathering economic fluctuations and managing the effect of disruptive technologies, there’s no shortage of challenges facing finance leaders in [...]

Canada’s Top 10 ScaleUp Companies

The Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises has selected 10 of the country’s most promising technology companies to participate in the fifth cohort of the Lazaridis [...]

Canadian War Museum launches Supply Line Second World War Discovery Box

Building upon the runaway success of its First World War Supply Line program, the Canadian War Museum officially launched the Second World War version of its popular Discovery Boxes today at an [...]

Yes, I Love Bacon, But Not That Much!

Recently I went to a fast-food franchise to check out their menu, as I had heard great things about this chain. While I am not a regular customer of fast-food restaurants, there was a location [...]

A Federal Election, Trade Disputes & Brexit and the Impacts on Canada

It can often be difficult to foretell whether the future holds a greater level of positive or negative economic indicators with so many different international issues in the mix at any given [...]

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