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Should You Pay Tax on the Furniture and Jewellery You Sold?

A CAUTIONARY TALE ON THE TAX TREATMENT OF PERSONAL-USE PROPERTY One of my clients, Ricky, lost his wife, Joan, to cancer three years ago (names have been changed to protect their privacy). They [...]

How to Use LinkedIn Job Search to Land Your Dream Job

If you are like most people, whether you are currently unemployed or leaving your current position to look for a new one, this can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Finding a new job, or [...]

Canadian Football League: Commissioner Randy Ambrosie is Leading the Charge of Many Good Things to Come

It would be quite easy to surmise that life has come full circle for Randy Ambrosie, who is just finishing up his second successful season as commissioner of the Canadian Football League. The [...]

Sustainability is in Your Control

Back in 1996 I was in an arena in Calgary and I saw something I had never seen before. All the ice rinks I had played in, and coached in, had gas operated ice resurfacing machines. But for the [...]

How Small Business Should Prepare for an Emergency

Small businesses can be exposed to a number of risks, from fraud and loss of key employees to cyber-attacks, all of which can trigger major financial difficulty. As much as 5% of an [...]

Are You Considerate Of Your Customers?

During Thanksgiving weekend Monday I was awaiting a ride from a friend to go a party and enjoy a turkey dinner outside a large shopping mall located in Toronto, close to where my friend lived. He [...]

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