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Digital Main Street Launches Grant Program

Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) announced today the official launch of Digital Main Street’s exciting Grants Program [...]

New Survey Finds 83% of Consumers Use Smartphones In-Store, Preferring to be Left Alone By Sales Associates

In an effort to control their own retail journey, 83% of consumers use their smartphone while shopping in-store, according to a new study by leading strategic retail advisory firm HRC Retail [...]

Canadian Franchise Association

Franchising in Canada represents about $96 billion per year for the country’s GDP, equaling 5% of the nation’s economy. At last count there were 75,765 franchise units operating under 1,300 [...]

Canada Needs New Data For a New Economy Time to focus on assessing skills in workforce development

When the federal Liberals took power in 2015, they made evidence a key priority in policy making. Michael Barber, known for his ground-breaking work in “Deliverology,” the science of getting [...]

Are We There Yet? The Impossible Journey Towards A Fully Digital Banking Future

The Canadian finance sector is increasingly adopting on-line processes spanning everything from paperless mortgage applications to insurance claims. But as much as things have progressed, are we [...]

Planning The Smallest Details Pays The Biggest Dividends

When you coach a hockey team made up of players with small physiques you can’t leave anything to chance. It is tough to play against bigger players who possess strength and a reach that take away [...]

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