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Elder Care Reform Must Start with Skills Training

When it comes to tragedy, the human instinct is to assign blame. In the case of pandemic-induced deaths in Canada’s long-term care facilities, there is no end of culprits: governments for [...]

Fiscal Federalism: Driving in the Dark without Lights or a Map

Yet again, the federal government looks like it is about to transfer tens of billions of dollars to the provinces with essentially no strings attached. We’ve seen this before. The 2004 First [...]

Challenges and Tough Choices

There is no doubt that over the last six months our status quo has been shaken. We have all faced many unusual challenges and have had to make life-altering decisions about things we have long [...]

Engineering Our Way through a Pandemic

As the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic abates, we have a chance to catch our breath and reflect on the rapid changes our lives have experienced over the past six months. This includes both [...]

How Other Countries Are Coping with the Pandemic

Canadians have been inundated with constant news and business information with respect to how the country is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and plans to overcome both the medical and [...]

Glimmers of Hope

While the United States and many other Western countries are experiencing the deepest economic downturn since the Second World War, North American stock markets have staged a dizzying rally since [...]

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