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Canadian Aerospace at the Crossroads

Canada’s space and aerospace industries will need special attention in a post-COVID world as they do their part to help jumpstart the Canadian economy. The benefit is that by doing so, [...]

Celebrating the Women Pioneers of Engineering

31 years after tragic shooting, women make important gains in the field Thirty-one years have now passed since the tragedy of December 6, 1989, when 14 young women, almost all engineering [...]

Polytechnics Delivering Talent For The Aerospace Sector

Aerospace is an integral and strategic sector for Canada. Not only does it add high-value jobs, innovation intensity – with beneficial spill-over effects – and billions in GDP to our economy, [...]

Leadership In 2021

Leading a team can be a challenge under normal circumstances, but during a pandemic, well that’s completely uncharted territory. Many leaders are grasping at straws for ideas on maintaining [...]

2020 – A Year in Review

Where to begin? It’s implausible to succinctly ascertain. Where it will end? That is an even more dubious forward-thinking projection at this stage. While the Gregorian calendar year culminates [...]

Protect Your Portfolio Against the Second Wave

While stock markets around the world staged a dramatic recovery between March 23rd and September 1st 2020, the fact is that COVID-19 cases are sharply on the rise again in many countries and we [...]

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