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The Consultant’s International Challenge

A promise. Canadian consultants promoting their expertise are effectively promising to deliver a future service. Unless the consultant can prove past performance, that promise can only be based [...]

Scaling vs. Growing Your Business – A small difference that can leave you net zero

I have heard this phrase so many times… scale your business. But I wonder if business owners and executives really understand what it means. The game of hockey has been a great teacher for me of [...]

Reference Checks A Critical Part of the Hiring Decision

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Larry Smith, President of Kathbern Management, a leading recruiting firm based in Toronto that focuses on working with business owners to help them [...]

Methods to Profit from the Digital Sales Transformation

The buying process has changed over the years, thanks to innovations that make digital sales even more important than ever. The question is, have you begun the journey towards digital sales [...]

Maximizing The Minimum – Finding the Sweet Spot for Minimum Wage is no Easy Feat

If you were to survey 10 business people and economists about minimum wage and how quickly it should accelerate and to what level it should attain, you’re quite likely to get 10 differing [...]

The Explosive Debate Around Minimum Wage

Big increases to minimum wage are becoming fashionable in Canada: first Alberta, from $12.20 currently to $15 in October 2018, then B.C. from $10.35 to $11.35 in September 2017 and now Ontario, [...]

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