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A Resilient Workforce is Priority One

As governments across Canada plan for post-pandemic reset and recovery, ensuring businesses have workers with the skills to help them transform and innovate should be a foremost priority. A [...]

Leading in the New Normal

Disruption is a term that pops up in almost every discussion about innovation. Yet in Canada, organizations typically reward predictability and control over disruptive innovation. From LinkedIn [...]

Time to Take out Canada’s Innovation Toolbox

The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to rethink business models, supply chains and capacity to respond to disruption across every part of our lives. While we have largely found new ways to live [...]

Steering a Technology Business through Tough Times

Over the course of my first year as CEO, I’ve learned a lot about leading through transition. The past year has been both exhilarating and challenging as the leader of a growing global business. [...]

Consolidating the Value Chain the Co-Op Way

I am passionate about this segment of our nation’s economy and enjoy seeing entrepreneurship in the values of co-operatives and credit unions. According to Economic Impact of the Co-Operative [...]

Retain Good Workers with Knowledge Management Strategy

Executives focus on individuals as the major source of knowledge, and show how followers tie together so that they can affect the sharing, storage, transfer, and apply knowledge within companies. [...]

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