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We Who Live In Economic Glass Houses

While almost everyone on Wall Street hypes stocks, and the proponents of globalization continue to sing from their hymnbook, I have thought for a long time that all this economy will suffer a [...]


If your organization is like most, you probably use spreadsheets to manage expense reports because it’s ‘good enough.’ But good enough is not really good enough when you consider the cost [...]

How to Make Your Business Contact List Top Notch

Any good salesperson will tell you he manages success by having great relationships. He’ll also tell you he manages those relationships by using great measurement systems. It should be no [...]

Leverage and the Science of Business Acceleration

I am very fortunate to coach some amazing Executives and companies who have a desire to dramatically accelerate their business. Of course every situation is different, and these Executives and [...]

The Evolution of Personal Branding

Personal branding used to be something that was reserved for celebrities, speakers, authors and other public-facing professions just a mere decade ago. The Internet and social media have [...]

Master the Chameleon In You To Succeed in International Markets

Three Canadian exporters were sharing their frustrations one evening. “My new agent in Munich, southern Germany, can’t get along with his own countrymen in Hamburg in the north (where the main [...]

Courting India

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Canada (April 14-16, 2015) was carried out with great fanfare and received much media attention. It had been 42 years since a head of state [...]

Western Manufacturing Technology Show

In the midst of a challenging economic climate, the recently-released budget by the Government of Alberta provides positive direction for the growth of Western Canada’s manufacturing sector. [...]

WCDM Convenes in Toronto Ahead of Pan Am Games

With an estimated 10,000 athletes and 500,000 spectators heading to Toronto in July for the Pan American Games, security is a priority. But are sufficient preparations and trained personnel in [...]

The International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers Canada

The key to success in any business sector requires the utmost in intelligent planning, thorough execution, ongoing quality-control maintenance and unwavering unity throughout the entire process.  [...]

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