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Why I Accept or Reject a LinkedIn Connection Request

You may be trying to grow your LinkedIn network for a number of reasons. It could be to expand your professional network or use LinkedIn to find and connect with new potential clients. How do you [...]

How to Make CRM Work for You

Digitalization is the key to success in wealth management, and an intelligent CRM solution can drastically improve business operations. However, a recent study by Nucoro shows that only 20% of [...]


The media, the entertainment world and every e-commerce and internet-related program relies on supporting readership, viewership and advertising in order to survive and make money. Therefore [...]

How Leading CFOs are Driving Digital Transformation

In Canada, CFOs and senior financial professionals are facing some very similar challenges to their global counterparts. The customers and colleagues I’ve had the chance to speak with say they’re [...]

How Polytechnics will help Achieve an Ambitious Climate Emissions Agenda

After more than a month of silence following the October federal election, in December, the governing Liberals finally mapped out their intended policy directions for Canada’s 43rd parliament. [...]

Universities Lead the OECD in Delivering a Skilled Workforce

At this time of year, when peace and reflection are cherished, many of us look to the future, review the past and consider the state of the nation. As a dean of engineering, I have the privilege [...]

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