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Paperweight Keeps Canadian Companies from Getting Ahead

There’s a huge anchor holding many Canadian firms back from being more competitive. Think of it more as a giant paperweight keeping them down. Companies are literally being buried in an avalanche [...]

Deficit Projection: $10.4 Billion! Alberta is Not Oil Right

For as far back as memories go, Alberta has always been one of the most financially stable provinces in the country. Blessed with a seemingly endless supply of oil reserves, including the [...]

Reasons Why Some Businesses Do Not Sell

With over 34 years in the industrial marketplace, we have seen many successes and some initial failures when representing company owners who could not sell their businesses. In these latter [...]

10 Social Selling Best Practices for Sales Teams

Whether you are a small operation or a Fortune 500 company, the person or team in charge of sales needs to have a social selling strategy in place or they open up a large vulnerability to [...]

Are You Financially On Track?

On the eve of every New Year, Canadians often set a New Year’s resolution. This annual ritual sets many people on the path of a fresh start as they end the old year with a positive outlook for [...]

How to Approach a Pallet Wood Project

The latest craze in homemaking in South Africa is the revival of do-it-yourself home projects. This comes as a response to a worldwide increased awareness of the changing weather patterns and [...]

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