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From a global economic perspective, Canada made it through 2012 relatively unscathed compared to many other advanced economies. Growth has been modest but steady, thanks to the lumber, auto and [...]

Who Speaks for Aboriginals?

The issue of indigenous people’s unrest and determination to pursue treaty obligations as agreed to by Aboriginal tribes and the Crown some 200 years ago is not something taken lightly by [...]

Women in the Workplace

As women of several generations try to co-exist in the workplace, research in a new book shows that women can be their own worst enemies. “Most of the vicious attacks, passive-aggressive [...]


Have you ever walked back to your office after a meeting and thought to yourself, “What a waste of time!” Through the course of our professional lives this experience happens far too [...]

P3s a Growing Necessity For Canadian Business

The Economic Impact of Massive Infrastructure Projects Why the U.S. Has Not Embraced The P3 Model Financing Structure Public–private partnerships (PPP) have grown considerably in Canada [...]

Feds Cutting Red Tape Saves $1.2 million

Andrew Saxton, Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board and for Western Economic Diversification and Maxime Bernier, Minister of State recently announced new red tape relief [...]

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Will Provide a Much-needed Economic Catalyst

The increasing presence of public-private partnerships in Canada continues to flow on an upward trend and is likely to remain that way, if not by design, then out of sheer necessity. In dealing [...]

Mergers & Acquisitions Privacy Risks

I recently had a chance to sit down with Brian Rosenbaum, National Director of Aon’s Legal and Research Practice, and Jacinta Davies, Senior Vice President, Private Equity Group to discuss [...]

Click and Pay

Technology often prompts the law to contemplate issues which had previously never been considered, providing new test cases for old concepts. However, as much as one charges forward with the [...]

Changes to OAS and GIS and Their Effect on Retirement

At the end of March 2012, millions of Canadians who were born on or after Feb. 1, 1962 woke up to the new reality of a changed retirement landscape and the prospect of having to work an [...]

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