Features » September 11

Roy Green: Addressing urban anarchy

Wanton destruction by the violently self-indulgent. Thuggery with total disregard for a social contract developed over centuries. The riots in London and other U.K. population centres will, [...]

Alex Carrick: To understand the economy, keep an eye on five asset classes

The recent turmoil in financial and bond markets, brought on by U.S. debt woes, acrimony between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington and Standard & Poor’s downgrade of U.S. [...]

Return of the Jets: Bettman speaks exclusively with CBJ

NHL hockey has returned to Winnipeg. It’s a move that means more than the return of an NHL team; the move returns a passion to Winnipeg. “I think you have the economic impact and, [...]

Jack Layton 1950-2011: Gone but not forgotten

Jack Layton never backed down from any fight, political or otherwise. Which is why there is something cruelly ironic in that, following all the electorate build up and maneuvering by Layton and [...]

No Way Out: A Review of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Recent Treatment of Exculpatory Clauses

In the December 2010 decision of Tercon Contractors Ltd. v. British Columbia (Transportation and Highways)1 , the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously agreed that it was time to lay to rest the [...]

What to do when your business stalls

It maybe a safe bet to say business bankruptcies will be going up in the near future given the U.S. economy slowing down to the global government debt crisis to the over-par Canadian dollar. Of [...]

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