Features » September 14

What is Social Selling and Will it Work For Your Business?

Are you interested in generating more leads, prospects and sales using social media but don’t know where to start? Have you invested time and maybe even money into marketing on social [...]

The Holistic Executive – Is This You?

In my recently published book The Holistic Executive: Mastering the Ways of the Executive Leader I explore the concept of what it takes to develop hyper-performance in your executive role and [...]

Attitudes, Activity and Aspirations of Canadian Entrepreneurs: An A+

At the very heart of entrepreneurship is the activity of turning ideas into marketable products, processes and services. As a source of innovation, entrepreneurs spur productivity, national [...]

Factoring – What is it?

A familiar but difficult scenario unfolds. You are the owner or CFO of a growing company. Sales are up 20% over last year. Success is causing stress. You need a source for some quick capital to [...]

Welcome to the Anthropocene: Investing in a Warming World

The verdict is in. From the highly conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) to the latest peer-reviewed climate science – business as usual puts enough carbon in the atmosphere to hit [...]

The Business Owner’s Role in a Company Sale

Before dressing up the company for its debut, make sure it is ready to share its best features, as well as its blemishes. All will become visible under the due-diligence spotlight. As in the [...]

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