Features » September 17

The Future of Bricks & Mortar Retail

The advent of the digital era has brought about a huge change in how consumers and retailers interact with one another, but before we go sounding the death knell of bricks and mortar [...]

Hammering Business – Finance Canada’s New Crackdown

These are not tweaks! The government has just proposed the most radical tax overhaul in 50 years. We’re particularly worried about the impact on business from (1) a new tax on investment income [...]

Digitization and 3D Printing is Reshaping the Canadian Manufacturing Industry

Charles Darwin said that survival is based not on strength or intelligence but on a species’ ability to respond to change. We have a case study brewing right now in the manufacturing industry [...]

Everything is Alright – Until it Isn’t!

Professional fighters (boxers and MMA) will tell you that it is the unforeseen punch that causes the most damage and may ultimately end the fight. The direct hits obviously hurt but the hits out [...]

How to Deal with an Underperforming Employee

If you’re in a management role at your company, hiring and terminating employees is an integral part of the job. Clearly one of these tasks is more enjoyable than the other, but as a manager, [...]

The Consultant’s International Challenge

A promise. Canadian consultants promoting their expertise are effectively promising to deliver a future service. Unless the consultant can prove past performance, that promise can only be based [...]

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