Features » September 18

Why Calgary is Leading the Nation In Small Businesses Support

This month, the city of Calgary announced it would be letting small business owners establish their company entirely online – making it the first city in Canada to do so. On face value, this [...]

Smashing the Glass Ceiling of Performance

Companies are created and set up to grow. In some cases as fast as possible, while in other cases a plan is created for steady, sustainable growth. But every company and indeed all individuals [...]

Trudeau’s Belated Commitment To Election Reform

The recent introduction by the Trudeau government of Bill C 76 that is meant to overhaul Canada’s Election Act raises the question: is a belated commitment to improving electoral democracy better [...]

FOCUS: The Art of Knowing What You Think is Real

There is a stoppage in play. The players line up for a face-off. The referee steps in to drop the puck. I lean over the boards and yell at one of my players to shift positions. He moves over five [...]

Things to Know About Bilingual Indigenous Education

Research tells us that bilingual education is the best possible education, but Canadian census results, and parents’ experiences suggest that some Indigenous children educated in an Indigenous [...]

Welcome to the Software-Defined Society

Technology concepts tend to reshape the way we think about business. That’s because more and more business occurs in environments defined by technology. Consider the phrase “software-defined.” It [...]

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