Features » September 20

How Other Countries Are Coping with the Pandemic

Canadians have been inundated with constant news and business information with respect to how the country is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and plans to overcome both the medical and [...]

Glimmers of Hope

While the United States and many other Western countries are experiencing the deepest economic downturn since the Second World War, North American stock markets have staged a dizzying rally since [...]

Resilience & Innovation: Women Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

If you were to ask Canada’s small business owners one year ago today what they thought their largest challenge would be in 2020, likely none could have predicted a global pandemic and the massive [...]

Our Post-pandemic Future

What will our post-pandemic future look like? This is a question on the minds of many these days. Indeed, in the weeks and months ahead, politicians, policy experts, academics, businesses, [...]

Supreme Court Could Have Forced Parliament Accountability

Many have welcomed the Supreme Court’s recent decision allowing the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA) to stand. The GNDA, a federal law, bans people from forcing others to take a genetic test [...]

Learning from Summer Camps: Keeping School kids safe from COVID-19 Outbreaks

Across the country, children are returning to school this month — and that is excellent news. The pandemic has forced most children to remain home since March and has prevented many of them [...]

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