February 10 Editorial

For a lot of Canadians, it can be difficult not to be pessimistic or generally apathetic about what our government accomplishes. Although it’s not necessarily true, government’s reputation for passing the buck, having it too easy and taking millennia to make decisions can easily taint our ideas of how things are run. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent decision to prorogue Parliament for two months certainly isn’t helping that impression.

Alas, CBJ brings good news. This month, we spent a lot of time talking to various government officials about the things they are doing, projects that are exciting and worthwhile. Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, for example, tells us about the new foreign trade zone, CentrePort, and what it brings to the economic table. And B.C. Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources shares about how major plays are turning oil and gas investors’ heads. We also spoke with two Mayors who say their supposed “have-not” regions are heating up.

I have to say, this has been a refreshing issue to write; I was personally reminded of how great Canada really is. We hope you catch the same optimism and bring it with you as you watch our athletes showcase their talents in Vancouver.

Go Canada Go!

Jennifer Sorlie, Editor

[email protected]