February 12 Editorial


As the newest team member of The Canadian Business Journal, this seems like an opportune time to introduce myself to all our many loyal readers.

In just over three years, CBJ has grown by leaps and bounds and is fast becoming one of the most trusted media resources for business- minded individuals from coast to coast. I look forward to being part of a dedicated group of professionals who will continue to take CBJ to even greater levels. Not only does our publication include timely in-depth features that capture the pulse of the current business and economic climate, it also provides an inside view of some of the many success stories and the inspirational leadership behind those concentrated efforts, all within the pages of our exclusive business profiles.

The knowledgeable, hardworking folks here in our Canadian office and at our other stable of publications within the George Media Network in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa all share a common goal of keeping you informed; that is our commitment to you. Also, our tech team is constantly brainstorming to make the digital experience of reading our publication more enjoyable and convenient. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the introduction of the new CBJ iPad app, which can be downloaded from the homepage of our website.

In this issue, we bring you an exclusive interview with federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who outlines his projected course for the national economy as we head through 2012. There’s also an update on RIM as well as features on financial planning, credit counselling and the ever increasing impact Google+ is having on businesses. Even Nortel is back in the news; all that and more.

Additionally, your feedback on what we are doing is always welcomed and appreciated. If there’s a feature story or business news issue that you believe warrants being elevated to the forefront, let us know. I cannot guarantee we’ll be able to accommodate each idea, but we’ll certainly review all requests. Your voice matters to us.

I can be reached at angusg@georgemedia.ca.

Angus Gillespie