February 14

Technological innovation continues to astound many of us who watch in awe as new, exciting platforms continue to evolve before our very eyes. But for companies within this sector there is no margin for error or the competition will go flying by. One need only look at the misfortunes of BlackBerry as a classic case in point. Google is acknowledged as one of the game changers in the way we transfer information on a global stage. In this issue Google Canada Managing Director Chris O’Neill provides some insights as to what he believes will be the keys to success for high-tech companies in this new digital era.

Financial expert Tina Tehranchian provides an interesting article on using behavioral finance to manage risk. With many international markets performing quite well in 2013, it put the issue of risk on the backburner for many investors. But will there be any pullbacks in 2014? Read Tina’s column to get her take on what we can expect over the course of this year.

When the dust settles from the final shake- out of the 700MHz spectrum auction, everything will quite likely fall into place as many had suspected. The betting is that Rogers, BCE and Telus will each get the spectrum they require, while the newcomers will be left wondering whether it’s worth continuing on or not. For the last couple of years Wind Mobile seemed best positioned to become Canada’s fourth national telecom carrier and challenge the established Big-3. But at the 11th hour Wind pulled out of the auction citing a lack of funding to proceed.

Garnering tremendous attention through the early part of 2014 will be the rate of economic recovery in the United States, which in many ways is directly intertwined with the strength of our Canadian dollar. The U.S. Fed is noticeably weaning away from its quantitative easing policy – in which the American central bank creates billions of dollars to buy financial assets each month. If the U.S. economy is gaining sustained traction as it appears, that would signal long overdue good news for Canadian companies hoping for exporting relief south. Couple that will a decline in the dollar vs. the U.S. greenback and it could mean revitalization for a number of manufacturing sectors, most of which can’t compete when the loonie is running at or near par with the U.S. dollar.

As always, we highlight this country’s most successful and innovative enterprises with our corporate business profiles. It’s those small, medium and large, that give Canada such an excel- lent reputation internationally.

Interesting Stat: Every day, three times per second, the world collectively produces the same amount of data that exists in the entire Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

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