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MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - The February issue of The Canadian Business Journal is now available at www.cbj.ca. Click here to enter the publication directly.

Our cover story focuses on the drastic decline in world oil prices and the ensuing high-stakes game of chicken being played out between OPEC and the United States, which has been very vocal about its plan to be completely energy self-sufficient in the next five years. While all of this is going on, Canada’s oil and gas industry watches nervously from the sidelines along with the federal government and a few provincial governments as well. To give the economy a shake, the Bank of Canada recently shaved another 25 basis points off its overnight trendsetting rate – something no economist had foreseen. We have direct responses from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and several leading financial experts about it.

Economics expert Tina Kremmidas looks at minimum wages and their impacts on employment. Each province and territory has differing rates. There have been calls in some circles to have a federally mandated rate. It’s an article that is definitely worth reading.

Ever heard of crony capitalism? Mergers & Acquisitions professional Mark Borkowski examines its effects and in fact does double duty this month in reviewing U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett’s nine rules for running a business.

As always, we have informative columns from our regular contributors Joe Connelly and Melonie Dodaro. There are also insightful Business in Action profiles including an in-depth background on CLAC, Freedom 55 Financial and the City of St. Catharines. There is all of that and much more in this edition.

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(Marketwired – Jan. 29, 2015)

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