February Issue of the African Business Journal Now Online

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - George Media Inc. is pleased to announce the February issue of The African Business Journal is now available at http://www.tabj.co.za/emag/2014/Feb/TABJ.php.

In this issue we focus on the conflict in South Sudan which the United Nations has called "a humanitarian and human rights disaster". Since mid-December, more than 400,000 civilians have fled their homes and some 10,000 killed in fighting that seems to be drawn along ethnic lines. Aid agencies have condemned the fighting on both sides and the UN is calling for an independent commission to investigate what the agency calls "an internal armed conflict".

As a ceasefire is signed in South Sudan, TABJ remembers a man of peace, Nelson Mandela. Dr. Sean Rogers at Know Africa writes how Mandela’s death signifies the end of the period of transition from South Africa’s past of apartheid to its current state of democratic rule for which he sacrificed so much. And Phumlani Dube writes about the legacy of the Great man and why Madiba will continue to live on.

Plus Moshy Cohen from RC Cola tells us how to break into the bottling industry and Juliet Langton interviews the major diamond players in southern Africa.

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(Marketwired – Jan. 24, 2014)