At the Forefront of Implementing Solutions Quickly and Efficiently for Water Systems Worldwide

Filterboxx is a specialty packaged water and wastewater solutions company that primarily services the industrial and resource sector in North America. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, their specialized teams in engineering, business and industry have driven notable success for the company.

“Our product and service offering and execution models are diverse,” says Larry Novachis, CEO. “We design and build equipment solutions and complete treatment plants that can be provided as either a capital sale or rental and build-own-operate.”

As Filterboxx continues to grow, their focus on innovation, technology and excellence has positioned them in a leading point for delivering Value-Engineered Solutions. Since their inception in 2001, FilterBoxx has become a recognized leader in the design and supply of packaged and modular water and wastewater solutions. These include both industrial water and wastewater treatment systems for a broad range of industries.

“FilterBoxx has grown rapidly and reached revenues exceeding $ 40M,” says Novachis. “We have expanded outside of Alberta as well with staff locations now in Eastern Canada in Oakville Ontario and the United States in Colorado.”
The rapid growth of the Canadian Oil Sands was the catalyst for the genesis of Filterboxx. “As the need for water and wastewater treatment in the oil sands increased, so did the growth of FilterBoxx” says Novachis. “FilterBoxx was born to fill a void across the industry.” Through the foresight and vision of their founder and current Chief Technology Officer; Kevin Slough, FilterBoxx was created to provide reliable packaged treatment solutions.

Filterboxx offers their clients a broad experience spanning several industries and continents, which allows them to develop custom-engineered solutions for their water and wastewater treatment requirements.

“Our product knowledge ranges from conventional treatment processes to the latest advancements in membrane-based technologies on both water and wastewater treatment,” says Novachis.

Filterboxx also provides drinking water systems and sanitary wastewater treatment packaged units in plants, facilities and camps around the globe. Their treatment solutions are deemed “innovative”, “robust” and “dependable” as they are designed and constructed in a manner that enables the systems to be transported with ease and rapidly commissioned on site. Their approach saves valuable installation time, provides on-time delivery, project cost certainty and delivers vital water solutions on-site immediately.

At the forefront of innovation

With the push towards high end treatment such as capability of water recycle and reuse, the outsourcing of water and wastewater treatment as well as packaged pre-engineered systems to minimize site construction costs, Filterboxx has positioned their use of technology to those that lend themselves well to high end treatment within a small footprint that can be pre-packaged.

“For us this means the use of membrane technology, which involves microfiltration, ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis,” says Novachis. “Our CTO has spent a lot of time prequalifying other technologies as well such as Electrocoagulation and specialty polymer chemistries that can solve specific problems in the SAGD and Tailings Pond space. In addition, we have filed a provisional patent for some very exciting Ion Exchange technology that should help to change the game”

Filterboxx’s technical expertise in these areas is a clear differentiator for them relative to their competitors. They obtain their customers through great technology, stellar service and a strong value proposition. “Our strategy is a repeat business model-once we get a customer, we work very hard to keep them for the long haul and not just a single project,” says Novachis.

Filterboxx works closely with many of the largest oil and gas companies in Canada, they are at the forefront of introducing and testing new technologies and processes.

“We pride ourselves at identifying and implementing a solution quickly and efficiently,” says Novachis. FilterBoxx is a leader in implementing ceramic membrane technology solutions for treating oil and water separation in oil and gas applications since ceramic is an ideal choice for high temperature, abrasive applications, commonly found in the oil and gas industry. Their future plans include providing clarity on oil price uncertainty, as they strive to grow their business across North America and globally.

The company also provides solutions for specific industrial water processes that may require removal of impurities from a solution. They analyze their customers’ needs in detail to customize their product and service offering to provide added value.

“Our Engineering and Design team selects and applies industry best practices to continuously enhance our plants’ performance, reliability and safety,” says Novachis. “We also perform a value engineering review on our plant designs. Within each plant, placement of field connections is critical to reduce the total installed cost. Field tie-in connection points are carefully designed and strategically located to minimize customer pipe runs and facilitate installation.”

Their risk based, comprehensive supplier qualification system ensures that their suppliers and subcontractors provide the consistent high quality workmanship needed to build into their products. The team at Filterboxx excels in delivering the company’s core values and common goal; to make it a pleasure to do business with them.
“Our goal is to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our clients’ water and wastewater needs,” says Novachis.
Filterboxx’s Energy Services Business is currently an area with ample opportunity.

“Our clients continue to want to outsource as much as they can to competent partners,” says Novachis. “With our complement of people, specialized knowledge and equipment, we are positioned very well to service this need.