First Real Photo of a Black Hole

Black Hole -- Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

CBJ — Scientists have managed to produce something even they were skeptical about — providing a photo of a black hole.

The very first real image of a black hole was released featuring scientists dedicated to finding a way to observe black holes.

“It feels like really looking at the gates of hell, at the end of space of time – the event horizon, the point of no return,” Carlos Moedas, the European Union’s commissioner of research, science and innovation, said at a press conference in Belgium.

The photo was compiled through the use of eight telescopes around the world. The black hole is estimated to have 6.5 billion times the mass of our sun and is located in the M87 galaxy about 53 million light years from Earth.

Black holes are dense celestial bodies with such strong gravitational fields that even light cannot escape their pull.

Supermassive black holes remain a scientific mystery, whose origins are still unknown. Smaller black holes are created from dying stars.

Photo provided by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration