Fit for Life

Quick, Fresh & Healthy

Combining a 17-year history in the quick service restaurant industry with a desire to offer healthy alternative foods, Fit for Life has transformed the fast food market in providing a selection of flavourful, healthy, and affordable dining choices to its growing consumer base.

The specialty of Fit for Life is its offering of a range of sandwich styles that are second to none in the industry. Known as a dedicated sandwich bar, Fit for Life offers a selection of specialty sandwiches, panini, burritos, wraps, and more. Using only the best in healthy and fresh ingredients to create its dynamic tastes, Fit for Life meets modern consumer demand of a healthy and alternative aspect of quick service food. Catering to this avenue is the core of the Fit for Life concept, providing nutrition conscious consumers with a focused menu of healthy choices.

This month, The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Monty Walsh, Food Service Manager, and Philip Abtan, Vice-President of Merchandising and Retail Development with Fit for Life, about the success of the company and its plans for continued success into the future.

Succulent Sandwich Bar

As an industry leading sandwich bar, Fit for Life offers soups, salads, and sandwich styles that cover the gamut of healthy menu choices and that have made the company a popular, affordable, and healthy choice for consumers.

Fit for Life’s new ‘generation 3’ menu has delivered to the next level, bringing forward old style menu choices like pitas and wraps, while also adding many new, fantastic choices such as panini, burritos, and an overall greater focus on its sandwich line.

Fit for Life competes with the growing healthy quick service food industry through its value conscious, mainstream offering. Walsh detailed, “We see companies that try to get into the market and charge a hefty fee for their product. We try to offer value as the mainstream offering where you’re not going to pay $10 for a sandwich.”

The Fit for Life menu encourages and supports an alternative and healthy lifestyle compared to more traditional fast food chains. And whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Fit for Life offers quick, healthy meals, including a toonie breakfast menu, all for an affordable price. Additionally, since the company originally opened its doors, Fit for Life has also made a point to showcase the high nutritional value of its menu choices.

Expansion Plans

With current locations centralized in the Greater Toronto Area, and another three stores in Vancouver, B.C., plans are in place to further grow the Fit for Life brand across Canada. In fact, already with 16 stores, Fit for Life will grow to 20 locations before the end of the year.

As Walsh stated, “We’re getting well situated and well planted in our home base of Ontario before we further expand outside of the province again. In five years, we’d like to see Fit for Life across Canada, with 100 to 150 stores, with discussion of expansion into the United States as well, but we’re walking before we run.”

Abtan added, “We are developing a unique concept that responds to the increased consumer demand for healthy alternatives, so our expansion goals are pretty big at this time.”

The unique franchising model of Fit for Life seeks franchisees who are interested in growing the Fit for Life brand and expanding the company’s offering. A successful Fit for Life franchisee is dedicated, hardworking, experienced, and puts his or her own stamp on the brand.

“We believe in exceeding customer expectations and in providing value,” Walsh summarized, “so we need operators who consider that aspect of doing business. We’re not looking for operators who are just trying to beat the system through cutting costs. We’re more interested in providing our brand and our image, and making sure that we maintain that at all times.”