Flair Airlines expands with eight new destinations across Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Feb. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC), is expanding service and will bring low fare air travel to 18 Canadian destinations by summer. Service to four of the new destinations will begin in May with more added in the coming months as non-essential travel within Canada safely restarts.Flair’s ambitious expansion focuses first on growing its domestic network. Flair’s network will expand beginning on May 1st as service is added to Ottawa, ON; Kitchener-Waterloo, ON; Halifax, NS; and Saint John, NB. Flair will add service in June to Thunder Bay, ON; and Charlottetown, PE; in July to Victoria, BC; and in August to Abbotsford, BC.“Canadians have been paying too much for too long, and we are changing that with our ULCC model that makes getting around Canada affordable,” says Stephen Jones, President & CEO. “Providing affordable air travel within Canada is the first step in restarting travel and tourism, and Flair is uniquely positioned with the efficiencies of our low-cost model. When non-essential travel returns, Flair will be there to reconnect families and provide the low fares that have long been denied to Canadians.”Flair anticipates tourism and travel to begin restarting in the Spring and Summer, and the focus on domestic service in 2021 enables the ULCC to provide more low fare options across Canada.“We strongly support the need for restricting non-essential travel as Canada works to bend the curve. Flair was one of the first airlines to reduce our network and focus exclusively on essential domestic travel,” says Jones. “We are confident, as travel returns, there is a strong market for low fare travel choices from a socially responsible Canadian airline. Flair’s ULCC business model doesn’t have the overhead and costs associated with legacy organizations and networks, and this allows our efficiencies to be passed along in our pricing.”Canadian airport partners are excited for Flair’s ULCC service to be coming to their communities:“We’re delighted that Flair Airlines has selected Saint John as their exclusive New Brunswick destination,” says Saint John Airport President and CEO, Derrick Stanford. “We’re dedicated to finding Saint John travellers the best possible value and options, and with Flair’s unique pricing model almost anyone can afford to fly to more places than ever before.”
                                   – Derrick Stanford, President & CEO, Saint John Airport
“We are pleased to welcome Flair Airlines to the Region of Waterloo International Airport. Once pandemic restrictions are lifted, the addition of Flair’s services will provide further connectivity to other economic hubs, create local jobs, build partnerships and help support the recovery of the local economy.”
                                   – Karen Redman, Regional Chair, Region of Waterloo
 “EIA is proud to be Flair’s home base and it’s exciting to see these growth plans that will benefit our community. We’re confident there’s a bright future for aviation and travel in our market, and low-cost airlines such as Flair are part of that. We will always put the health and safety of passengers and Canadians first, and with our EIA Ready program, we’re committed to a clean and safe travel experience when the time is right.”
                                     – Tom Ruth, President & CEO, Edmonton International Airport
“Canadians have been separated from their families and friends throughout the pandemic and we are confident there will be demand for a variety of flight options when non-essential air travel resumes. We look forward to welcoming Flair back to Halifax Stanfield, increasing choices for our community members to reconnect when the time is right. With our Stay Healthy measures in place throughout the airport, we’re ready to support passengers on their next journey.”
 – Joyce Carter, President & CEO, Halifax International Airport Authority 
Flair is poised to show Canadians the real benefits which other areas of the world have experienced with ULCC service. One-way fares on several of the new routes start as low as $39. In addition, Flair provides complimentary COVID Coverage, allowing passengers to easily change their travel plans given the continued uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Bookings are now available for the newly announced routes for May through October 30, 2021, at flyflair.com.About Flair AirlinesFlair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve 18 cities across Canada. For more information, please visit www.flyflair.com Flair Airlines Service (May 1, 2021 – October 30, 2021)YKF-YEG, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYKF-YHZ, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, W, FYKF-YVR, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, T, W, FYKF-YWG, starting 02-Jul-21, Frequency: M, W, F, SuYKF-YYC, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYKF-YYJ, starting 02-Jul-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SaYYZ-YEG, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: Th, SuYYZ-YHZ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, SaYYZ-YLW, starting 02-Jun-21, Frequency: W, SaYYZ-YMM, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYYZ-YOW, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: M, W, Th, F, Sa, SuYYZ-YQR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYYZ-YQT, starting 03-Jun-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SaYYZ-YSJ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, SaYYZ-YVR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: M, Tu, Th, F, SuYYZ-YWG, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYYZ-YXE, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYYZ-YXX, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: M, Tu, Th, F, Sa, SuYYZ-YYC, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, W, FYYZ-YYG, starting 04-Jun-21, Frequency: M, FYHZ-YKF, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, Tu, FYHZ-YOW, starting 01-Jun-21, Frequency: DailyYHZ-YYZ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, SaYEG-YKF, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYEG-YLW, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYEG-YOW, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYEG-YVR, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, W, Th, Sa, SuYEG-YXS, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYEG-YXX, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: M, W, Th, F, Sa, SuYEG-YYZ, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYEG-YYJ, starting 04-Aug-21, Frequency: W, SaYYC-YKF, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYYC-YOW, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: M, SaYYC-YVR, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, Th, Sa, SuYYC-YWG, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYYC-YXX, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: DailyYYC-YYZ, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, W, F,YYC-YYJ, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: Th, SuYLW-YEG, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYLW-YYZ, starting 02-Jun-21, Frequency: W, SaYOW-YEG, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYOW-YHZ, starting 01-Jun-21, Frequency: DailyYOW-YVR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: W, Th, F, SuYOW-YWG, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYOW-YYC, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: M, SaYOW-YYZ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: M, W, Th, F, Sa, SuYOW-YXX, starting 02-Aug-21, Frequency: M, Th, FYVR-YEG, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, W, Th, Sa, SuYVR-YKF, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, Tu, W, FYVR-YMM, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, Sa,YVR-YOW, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: W, Th, Sa, SuYVR-YQR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYVR-YWG, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYVR-YXE, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYVR-YXS, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYVR-YYC, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, Th, Sa, SuYVR-YYZ, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, Tu, Th, F, SuYXS-YEG, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYXS-YVR, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYMM-YVR, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYMM-YYZ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYWG-YKF, starting 02-Jul-21, Frequency: M, W, F, SuYWG-YOW, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYWG-YVR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYWG-YYC, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: W, SaYWG-YYZ, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYWG-YXX, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SuYQR-YVR, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYQR-YYZ, starting 02-May-21, Frequency: Th, SuYSJ-YYZ, starting 01-May-21, Frequency: Tu, SaYXE-YVR, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYXE-YYZ, starting 03-May-21, Frequency: M, FYQT-YYZ, starting 03-Jun-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SaYYG-YYZ, starting 04-Jun-21, Frequency: M, FYXX-YEG, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: M, W, Th, F, Sa, SuYXX-YYC, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: DailyYXX-YYZ, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: M, Tu, Th, F, Sa, SuYXX-YOW, starting 02-Aug-21, Frequency: M, W, FYXX-YWG, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SuYYJ-YKF, starting 02-Jul-21, Frequency: Tu, Th, SaYYJ-YEG, starting 04-Aug-21, Frequency: W, SaYYJ-YYC, starting 01-Aug-21, Frequency: Th, SuSchedule notes:– Some routes are active prior to May 1, 2021.
– Frequency of service displayed reflects the start of the scheduled route and the frequency on some routes will change as additional service begins. Check specific travel dates at flyflair.com.
 Jamina Kotak
Flair Airlines
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