Montreal, Canada, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SPYPOINT is using wildly popular camera platforms to deliver new features and functionality in 2023, giving hunters more scouting options than ever as hunting seasons rapidly approach.  

“The FLEX-S really is the crown jewel of 2023,” said Jean-Francois Boyer, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Client Services at SPYPOINT. “The addition of the solar panel to the FLEX platform is something everyone is excited about since it adds so much to camera autonomy. The FLEX G-36 is a great second act for the FLEX family as well, with the upgrade in photo resolution and enhancements to overall connectivity, The FLEX family is getting a big lift,” he continued.  

It isn’t just the addition of the solar panel that makes the FLEX-S such an intriguing camera though, Instant Mode is highly anticipated. Instant Mode allows you to make on-demand requests for the camera, including status updates and photo or video previews. You can use the app to request a photo or video be taken and sent immediately back to you via the app. Videos are taken and a video preview is sent just as other videos in standard mode. For those hunters who want to stay connected or get a good look at what is happening when they aren’t in the field, it’s a great advancement in trail camera technology.  

One more cellular camera also gets new life in 2023 using the most popular cellular camera platform in history, that’s the new LM2. The LM2 from SPYPOINT is built on the same footprint as the LINK-MICRO camera that revolutionized the cellular trail camera market in 2019, delivering 20MP photos and an upgraded antenna to make all-around camera performance better than ever.  

“There are so many customers who got into cellular cameras because of the LINK-MICRO family of products, it’s great to be able to deliver the evolution of the revolution with the LM2,” added Boyer.  

Finally, for customers who find it difficult to use a cellular camera because of inconsistent signal or other local restrictions, the FORCE-PRO-S offers a versatile, robust SD camera option that checks all the boxes. Taking 30MP photos, and offering three video settings (4K, 2K, 1080p) the FORCE-PRO-S mirrors the popular FORCE-PRO camera for those wanting the best photo quality they can get, but again, with the addition of a solar panel that extends the camera life exponentially and can save lots of money on batteries over the life of the camera.  

“We’re excited about this year. Any time a company can take the feedback of their customers and use it to take their products to the next level, it’s a fun thing to be able to do. We’re in constant contact with our customers, always looking to refine our product offerings and their experience with the brand. What we have in 2023 is a slate of products that we are just as excited about as our customers, and we think that’s a good place to be,” concluded Boyer.  

SPYPOINT products are available at virtually all fine sporting goods retailers in store and online.  

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ABOUT SPYPOINT: SPYPOINT, the world’s #1 cellular trail camera brand, revolutionized the hunting industry by making mobile scouting accessible to all. Our reliable, easy-to-use cameras and innovative photo and camera management app with customizable maps, weather, and BUCK TRACKER AI filters, are designed with one goal in mind: to make you a more prepared and efficient hunter. With SPYPOINT you have the entire hunt in the palm of your hand.   
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