Four Reasons Why Savvy Canadians Boost Their Business Intel – and How You Can, Too

By Ally Sinclair

Deep in the basement of Statistics Canada HQ in Ottawa, something is up. No number crunching or analyzing data or scrutinizing census results. All of those things do happen, but this is something different. This is when several of the top minds in Canada share the big socio-economic picture as they see it, and as you need to hear it.

Camera techs are setting up and there’s a flurry of activity. The coffee is brewing. Heads together and notes in hand, expert hosts Guy Gellatly, Richard Evans, Elizabeth Richards and Douwere Grekou glance over their data, exchanging light banter and even a few laughs. Their jovial camaraderie is infectious.

Minutes later, the studio lights are blazing and you hear: “Places, everyone!” Like broadcast veterans, the hosts take their places and the production team of the REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STATISTICS pulls things into action. So begins the taping of another episode of the best little show you should pay attention to.

The short video, which follows a news format, is produced and posted on the Statistics Canada website twice a month in two versions: English and French. In each episode, expert hosts succinctly discuss the key economic developments that are taking place in Canada, adding their insights and observations as they go along.

It is all part of a broader initiative by Statistics Canada to make it easier for Canadians to consume information; this includes increasing the prominence of hubs and portals, using dynamic and geography-based visual and infographics, and sharing through social media presence and videos. The video is just one of these impactful outreach efforts.

Savvy Canadians are turning to it as a free source from Statistics Canada for insightful information that puts them in the know. Here are four of the reasons why you should click on the video link:

1. Every Impression You Make Counts

Watching this video is a way to access key information which can help you make timely improvements based on facts. The episodes are current and examine data and trends from the previous fortnight. They always convey important, timely developments which affect Canadians.

2. When They Say “Time Is Money”, They’re Not Wrong

Your time is valuable — perhaps it is even your most valuable commodity. How will you spend it?
Imagine how long it takes to follow the news. Not just the fun and easy news or the top news, but all of the news. The auto industry. Employment rates. Imports, exports, and changes in mortgage rates… the list goes on and on.

The hosts of the REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STATISTICS convey what you need to know. Using expert analysis, they convey a key overview of changes across a wide variety of industries and indicators. This information is timely, accurate and insightful. In case you’re wondering just how quickly you can get up-to-date, watching the video takes under five minutes a fortnight.

3. You’re An Expert…In YOUR Field

You have probably spent many years establishing what you know, what you do, and how you work. In short, you’re an expert in your field. You can’t do everything, nor should you. Watching the show is a great way to get expert information and insights into a wide variety of fields. It is savvy to take advantage of this source.

4. What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

Do you know what’s going on with business and the economy right now? How up-to-date are you? Even the most diligent Canadian businessperson might miss some key information which could have been used to advantage. Being informed can help your business and financial interests.

This little online video is an easy way to fill in any gaps you might have in your knowledge.

How to Watch the Show

Now that you’ve heard four good reasons why you should watch the video, it’s time to know how. THE REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STATISTICS is easy to find. You can watch it on YouTube, with a new episode every two weeks. Be sure to subscribe to Statistics Canada’s YouTube channel so as not to miss any episodes, as well as to see other helpful information. If you prefer, the link to each episode of the show is also shared on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

The show provides a wealth of current information for Canadians completely free of charge, so be sure to subscribe, like, share, and retweet. Tell your friends and family if you think they might be interested. If you are a boss, let your employees know. If you have coworkers, let them in on the secret. Teaching high school, college or university? Consider assigning viewing of the show to your students. Get in the know and help your fellow Canadians to do the same!

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The Hosts

Here’s a look at the hosts of the REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STATISTICS:

Richard Evans: Regular host, English version and French version
Title: Director General, Industry Statistics
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Number of Years with Statistics Canada: 28
Educational Background: Economics
Favourite thing about the show:
“The fun we have doing it! I love the spontaneity. And, I love that we create something which is not scripted—it’s a real conversation with the viewer.”

Elizabeth Richards: Regular host, French version; substitute host, English version
Title: Senior Economist
Hometown: Saint-Félicien, QC
Number of Years with Statistics Canada: 7 1/2
Educational Background: Economics
Favorite thing about the show:
“I love talking about economics and communicating with the audience! The fun is thinking of what to say to reach more people. And, I love the team on this show! Coming down to tape it is so different from my everyday work.”

Guy Gellatly: Regular host, English version
Title: Principal Researcher
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Number of Years with Statistics Canada: 23
Educational background: Economics
Favourite thing about the show:
“It’s a chance to take these factors going on and make them relatable. That’s the challenge. When it works, that’s also the reward! I like to feel we’re talking with people in their living room.”

Douwere Grekou: Substitute host, French version
Title: Senior Economist
Hometown: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Number of Years with Statistics Canada: 4
Educational Background: Economics
Favorite thing about the show: “I like the fact that it provides a broad overview of recent trends in the Canadian economy. Hence, key indicators including labour, GDP, and trade are discussed in a simple way.”

Ally Sinclair works with Statistics Canada. Visit to subscribe.