Franchise Holdings International Announces Exclusive Private Placement Offering

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – September 26, 2017) – Franchise Holdings International, Inc., the parent company of Truxmart LTD Inc., (OTC: FNHI), an innovative manufacturer of high quality, functional, and aggressively priced tonneau covers for the light truck market, has announced an exclusive private placement under U.S. rule 506(c), offering of a maximum of $1,000,000 for inventory and revenue development. Once the fundraising closes successfully, FNHI will register the securities, allowing shares to be freely tradable potentially sooner (not guaranteed). (All amounts in U.S. currency)

For accredited investors only, the private placement offers $0.035 per share with a $0.07 24-month half warrant.

“This placement is being offered lower than the current FNHI share trading price and is hence ‘in the money’ already,” said FNHI CEO Steve Rossi. “We believe it has many advantages and urge those interested in the company to take action by visiting to subscribe.”

The placement also is paired with several attractive features in that the company:

  • Guarantees to be current within 2017 and remain current in its filings
  • Expects profits within 12 months, estimating $600,000 – $1,000,000 in potential earnings.

“The demand for our products is becoming overwhelming. With this capital we intend to scale revenues to $5,000,000 within 12 months, a 733 per cent increase,” said CEO Steven Rossi. “Our projections also include $50,000,000 in revenues within 60 months. It has always been our plan to scale up for major global growth on a sound financial footing, and this private placement permits us to move closer and closer to that goal.”

The offering will close upon successful placement of $1,000,000. Due to expected overwhelming interest, Rossi urged accredited investors to subscribe immediately. This is the company’s only offering planned in the foreseeable future.

“FNHI and Truxmart have already built and tested its business plan with the highest-risk capital,” said CEO Steven Rossi. “With four patents, five products, customers, orders, and demand across North and Central America; sufficient capital is the missing ingredient in an highly promising recipe for revenues and earnings.”

Again, accredited investors (personal or business) are encouraged to visit for subscription and investment information.

About Franchise Holdings International
Truxmart, Franchise Holdings International’s wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in 2011 to take advantage of the limited innovation provided by existing tonneau cover manufacturers. Tonneau covers have remained much the same in price and design since 2005 with one main company controlling a majority of the tonneau cover market. This dynamic market segment is in need of a new innovative manufacturer of high quality, functional, and aggressively priced tonneau covers. Truxmart has developed multiple products for all of the most prominent pick up trucks available in North America. Details of most products can be found at Truxmart sells its products through master warehouse distributors, dealers, and online retailers in Canada and the U.S.

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