Fraser Institute News Release: More Quebec high schools improving than declining in student performance

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MONTREAL, Nov. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Fraser Institute today published its annual rankings of Quebec secondary schools, identifying the schools across the province that are improving or falling behind.

The Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools 2018 ranks 452 public, private, francophone and anglophone schools based largely on results from provincewide tests in French, English, science, mathematics and history.

“Whether they are choosing a school or already have children enrolled, parents use our rankings to find out how a school is doing over time or when compared to other schools,” said Yanick Labrie, Fraser Institute senior fellow.

In this year’s ranking, 52 schools showed statistically significant improvement including public and independent schools and English and French schools. Across Quebec, 50 schools experienced declining performance.

The fastest-improving school provincewide—Paspébiac in Gaspésie—improved its rating from 5.1 out of 10 in 2013 to 7.7 this year.

Jeanne-Mance secondary school in Montreal—the third-fastest improving school in the province—improved from 0.3 out of 10 in 2013 to 3.1 this year. Notably, 50 per cent of its students have special needs (EHDAA).

“All too often, principals and teachers try to excuse a school’s poor performance by blaming the characteristics of the students or communities they serve, but our Report Card proves that any school, no matter where it’s located or what challenges its students face, can succeed,” Labrie said.

See detailed results of all 452 schools at                     

10 fastest-improving secondary schools in Quebec (fastest at the top)
School Location Overall rating in 2013 (out of 10) Overall rating in 2017 (out of 10)
Paspébiac Paspébiac 5.1 7.7
Saint-Stanislas Saint-Jérôme 5.8 8.0
Jeanne-Mance Montréal 0.3 3.1
Pierre-Dupuy Montréal 1.8 4.5
Royal Vale Montréal 5.2 7.6
Leblanc Laval 3.9 5.8
Massey-Vanier Cowansville 3.6 5.5
Frenette Saint-Jérôme 4.7 6.7
du Coteau Mascouche 4.0 5.5
La Porte-du-Nord Chibougamau 5.0 7.3

Yanick Labrie, Senior Fellow
Fraser Institute

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