Free COVID-19 screening tool made available to organizations

TORONTO, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Governments and businesses across North America are playing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Guidelines are in place to help individuals limit their risk of exposure to the virus and tools are steadily emerging to enable organizations to maintain a safe work environment.
Workplace screening tools have proven to be a valuable asset to organizations whose doors are open during these challenging times. Employees use an online tool to perform daily self-screening and visitors are asked to screen before arriving at the premises. This gives people entering the organization confidence that anyone they encounter has been screened that day. Additionally, it aids in contact tracing efforts by recording the names of people that have gone through the process and the date each screening was completed.One such tool has been made available for free by Canadian company, Couch & Associates, so that businesses can meet their screening and reporting needs. The tool is highly customizable, allowing organizations to personalize their own screening site with brand colors and a logo. Multiple locations can be added and reporting can be done through a number of programs, including a simple Google Sheets integration.“Candido Consulting Group encourages our clients to use this screening tool when reopening their workplaces. We wanted a solution that met government regulations, was easy to use and had a good reporting system. This tool does all of that and does it for free.” – Janet Candido, Candido Consulting Group.Advanced features are available but are not required by the majority of organizations thanks to the substantiality of the free product. Advanced features include QR code scanning, automated alerts and PPE vending machine integrations.After singing up for the tool you will be sent an email to complete the setup process. A link in the email will take you to an admin page where you can customize the site to your specifications. Couch & Associates’ customer support team are available to assist you throughout the process.Sign up for the free tool here: Person:
James Ellis
Couch & Associates 
[email protected] 
1 877 837 9477

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