G4S Secure Solutions

Securing your world

In today’s world, security is no longer seen as a luxury, but a necessity. For G4S Secure Solutions, the Mississauga, Ont.-based security company, that message certainly rings true.

A global leader in security solutions, G4S Secure Solutions offers a variety of security and safety sources to its clients around the world. Jean Taillon, President and CEO of G4S Secure Solutions, told The Canadian Business Journal, “We provide security solutions, so our business is people.”

In terms of the types of security solutions offered by G4S Secure Solutions, the list includes man guarding, alarm responsive controls, loss prevention, technology solutions such as closed circuit cameras, access control, as well as security personnel. G4S Secure Solutions also provides undercover security personnel for a variety of entities which includes the vast majority of LCBO locations, Toronto’s Union Station, and parking enforcement in the City of Winnipeg.

More recently, the company was also selected by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) to provide security at 20 airports, including the Vancouver International Airport. Taking over CATSA operations in British Columbia, as one example, provided G4S Security Solutions with a rich five-year pact to offer the service.

Taillon said, “CATSA is basically moving a lot of its philosophy from just being a screening organization to becoming a combination of screening and customer service. G4S Secure Solutions put together a proposal which focused on training, efficiency, customer service, as well as innovation to minimize the processing time it takes to go through airport screening.”

Such innovation, using tools such as secure tracks, which is a handheld PDA device that assists security officers with incident management and reporting, in addition to providing information and data, offers a complete solution to improve the overall customer experience at any airport.

Mass employment

G4S Secure Solutions is the second largest private employer around the globe, next to retail giant Wal-Mart. The company employs more than 12,000 Canadians. Worldwide, G4S Secure Solutions accounts for more than $11 billion and has more than 650,000 employees on staff in various countries worldwide.

G4S Secure Solutions focuses on several key verticals in its offerings, including residential, condo markets, oil and gas, commercial properties, banking, aviation, and retail. Offering security solutions and security expertise, people know they are safe when they choose G4S Secure Solutions.

Today, G4S Secure Solutions has more than 80 offices worldwide and is the global leader in security solutions. G4S Secure Solutions is led by Taillon, who prior to joining the company in 2008 built up more than 25 years of experience in telecommunications, specializing in outsourcing.

“When I took over the company, it was about a $160 million company,” Taillon commented. “In essence, we have doubled its size in basically three years. By doubling it, we have focused on getting it to markets in which security is important and necessary, such as financial, oil and gas, aviation, and commercial properties.

“By focusing on these marketplaces, we have managed to provide better solutions and to grow the business.”

Growth has been a major factor for the company in recent years and will continue to be in the years ahead. For G4S Secure Solutions, business growth has provided much change and change management for the company. Taillon commented, “When you’re a large company like us that has gone from small to large, it takes coping and change management to get the employees to mature in their thinking.”

“Now that we are the scale and size that we are, there is more of a rigorous enforcement of process, procedures, and methodology, because customers are looking for repeatable-type solutions with predictable end-states.”

Social responsibility

As a global organization managing security, G4S Secure Solutions notes the importance of social responsibility and giving back to the communities in which it operates.

Giving back to these communities and society as a whole is a big part of the company’s operations and philosophy. G4S Secure Solutions strives to ensure that its global operations are more sustainable, looking to emphasize ‘go green’ initiatives wherever possible. Most recently, G4S Secure Solutions partnered with the Project Green Business Ambassador Network, with a goal to reduce its worldwide carbon emissions measured against revenue by 4.5 per cent each year over the next three years.

“We try to leverage as much as we can on the green side of the fence. On the corporate side, there is a lot of work done in Africa and India and other places in order to help those communities in which we serve and have a better life,” Taillon summarized.

The future outlook of G4S Secure Solutions looks to continue the growth it has achieved in recent years, both in the verticals in which it currently operates, as well as upping the ante in the continuous improvement process side of its business.  Considering the company’s recent success in the aviation sector, including its work with CATSA, G4S Secure Solutions is hoping to expand its operations into the ports sector as part of its future growth strategy. Taillon said, “Aviation screening gives us a very strong capability now to start looking at doing security in ports and in shipping areas.”

G4S Secure Solutions has worked to create better, safer environments in the more than 110 countries around the world in which it operates. It goes without saying that G4S Secure Solutions remains the world leader in offering truly turn-key, integrated solutions to worldwide security challenges.