G.S. Dunn

Cutting the mustard

Some people think food is just something to hold mustard. For these people, G.S. Dunn is grateful. Because it is, no doubt, the world’s mustard lovers who have made G.S. Dunn as successful as it is today.

As a supplier of dry-milled mustard products, G.S. Dunn has thrived in the food market for over a century. Established in 1867, Mr. Dunn came to Canada to capitalize on the rich soil of the Prairies and one of the best deep water ports in the country.  G.S. Dunn still operates Hamilton, Ontario, only today the company is one of the largest global market leaders, distributing to over 50 countries across six continents.

As one of the most versatile spices in the world, dry-milled mustard is an essential ingredient in a lot of what we eat, such as salad dressings, mayonnaise, tomato sauces, processed meats, seasonings and (of course) prepared mustard. In addition to its obvious flavour value, mustard also serves as an emulsifier, an antioxidant, a stabilizer, a preservative and a binder. You can see why it’s so popular around the world.  

“Sixty per cent of our business is in North America,” says Luis Rivas, Director of Sales and Marketing. “The rest is international. In the future, G.S. Dunn will continue to expand into new markets, and we plan to do that in two ways.” “First, we want to enter new foreign markets. There are Middle Eastern and South-East Asian countries whose economies are improving and there are opportunities for us in those markets.”

“Second, we want to expand the use of our product in existing markets. There are many ways to use our dry-milled mustard (as an antioxidant, for example), and we want to market those attributes. G.S. Dunn is spending a lot of time doing research and letting the industry know what else mustard is good for. That research opens up additional markets for us.”  

That’s for the future. For now, G.S. Dunn has its hands full with plenty of new business. Rivas maintains that the spike in growth has really taken place over the past five years, as the company worked hard to improve its manufacturing processes. “I think one of the main reasons we have done so well is due to our investment in technology and innovation at our facilities,” he says. “We have a lot of money in those areas, and that has allowed us to become extremely efficient and has given us a higher-quality product. We are always ahead of the curve.”

Now that G.S. Dunn is equipped with the best technology and the room for increased capacity, the company can better accommodate greater demand of its dry-milled mustard.

Committed to quality

G.S. Dunn has earned its reputation as the premier miller of mustard products because of the care taken with each step of the process. It all starts with 100 per cent premium-quality, pure mustard seeds that are locally grown in the in the Canadian Prairies. The company works very closely with its seed suppliers to establish strict specifications for the highest-calibre seeds available. To G.S. Dunn, there is no compromising the purity of mustard products. Once the seeds are selected, they are heat-treated to rid them of bacteria.

At the plant, quality control standards are an integral part of production. As the only mustard miller in the world to be registered to ISO 9001:2008, G.S. Dunn is also HACCP-certified and takes seriously its commitment to quality. Even for products shipped internationally, the company maintains his adherence to increasingly stringent food quality and safety requirements, which includes a rigorous and continuous in-line sampling protocol of all finished products. Going one step further, G.S. Dunn retains samples from every pallet of product shipped from its mill and keeps them on-site for a minimum of two years.

Mustard for years to come

“We are excited about where we will be in the future,” says Rivas. “We have plans to grow all over the world.” So there you have it, mustard lovers. As long as G.S. Dunn is in business—and there is no reason to believe it won’t be—you can rest assured that no hot dog, Montreal smoked meat sandwich or salad dressing will ever have to go without your beloved condiment.