Galrich Construction Corporation

Rebuilding to Restore

Toronto-based Galrich Construction Corporation builds and rehabilitates reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures. As an industry leader, Galrich provides reliable, long-lasting reconstruction, concrete rehabilitation, and restoration contracting services to residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial building owners. The company services include reconstruction, concrete repairs, protection coatings, waterproofing, building envelope and facade renewal, as well as general construction services including construction management, project management and total building restoration services.

Galrich started operating in 1980 as a general contractor, expanding into the concrete rehabilitation industry in 1985. Since that time, Galrich has become one of the industry’s leading providers of reconstruction and restoration services of reinforced concrete parking structures. Galrich also provides supporting services such as hydro-demolition and protective coatings installation. In 2001, Galrich expanded its services to provide project management services for the construction of underground parking structures, restoration of historical facades, and renovation and restoration of commercial buildings. The company carries out projects throughout Ontario, operating under two divisions: Galrich Construction Corporation and Galrich Restoration Inc. Serving the industry for more than 25 years, the company’s experienced and professional staff has completed more than 1,000 projects, and although the company’s size allows it to tackle projects of any size, Galrich makes a point to maintain a hands-on approach with every project and each client.

Domenic Santaguida, P.Eng. [Professional Engineer] and President of Galrich Construction Corporation, said, “The rehabilitation of deteriorating concrete structures such as parking structures, bridges, roads and building facades has been an ongoing problem throughout North America, especially in locations where salt has been used for de-icing. Naturally, Canada is the prime location where a contractor such as Galrich can profit from concrete rehabilitation services. The industry has also evolved and matured over the last 30 years, and has developed a better understanding of what causes the deteriorations, working with manufacturers to create specialized, effective and long lasting remedial restoration products. Building owners have also developed a better understanding and awareness of the problem, making it easier for us to work with these owners. Very often owners, elect to work with Consulting Engineers and Restoration Contractors, who provide them with value added restoration and reconstruction methods that extend the useful life of their structures.”

Patented Technology

Galrich has developed a patented method to remove and replace entire deteriorated reinforced suspended concrete slabs in parking structures, providing a safe, fast, and cost effective replacement solution to these structures. The process involves bracing of the foundation walls of the building, and shoring and supporting of the damaged slab before its removal. After removing the deteriorated slab and reconstructing a new slab the company applies an impermeable protective coating that eliminates future salt exposure. Galrich’s reconstruction technology, process and effective maintenance program allows owners to extend the life of their assets indefinitely.


To the question “What are the biggest challenges in the industry?” Santaguida said, “Material and labour costs have significantly increased over the last 10 years and are expected to continue to rise, so naturally owners are looking for alternative methods of maintaining their assets. This naturally means that the industry will have to support this need by providing more innovative products and solutions. This is where Galrich and our innovative reconstruction processes come in. While the awareness about importance of maintenance has never been better, many building owners tend to neglect their parking structures and building facades even after restoration. This is where we need support from industry associations to provide bigger awareness about the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance programs. Even this may seem an obvious statement, but the owners still do not follow regular maintenance schedules.”

While the company’s experience and technology are second to none, the management finds that, while delivering effective engineering solutions, the significance of building long-term relationships with clients should not be underestimated. “The more value we bring to our clients, the more likely they are to use Galrich as their preferred contractor, project manager or construction manager of choice in their future projects. Besides building these relationships, we put stock into our tenure and loyalty of our team. The majority of our employees have been with the company for over 15 years; with a number of our key employees working with us for 20, even 25 years. This well-oiled, reliable team assures that our projects are executed precisely and in timely fashion.”

High standards, workmanship, and support to its clients represent the most significant factors to the company success. “As a contractor, the biggest success for us is still with our bottom line — extending the expected useful lifecycle of the structures through our work. We stand behind our work and as a result we built a high level of client loyalty.”