Empowering Human Ingenuity

In 1999, Casey Kindiger co-founded gen-E with a mission to transform the way in which IT – and therefore businesses – operate. Since its founding, gen-E has emerged as an industry-leading, independent software company that specializes in social IT process automation (ITPA).

Blending social collaboration capabilities with a process automation platform, gen-E automates technology processes so that businesses can focus more on value-added innovation. After acquiring its core software in 2006, the company transitioned beyond IT services to bring to market a groundbreaking approach to ITPA.

Today, gen-E’s Resolve™ Social ITPA™ software is the driving force behind a three-year hyper growth stage that has enabled the company to double both its size and workforce. Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., and with offices across the U.S., Canada, and Ireland, gen-E helps its customers respond to the challenges of today’s technology-driven business climate by fostering ingenuity through new levels of collaboration and automation.

“As the need to innovate to maintain competitiveness accelerates, we offer an opportunity to drive more automation through improved communication, thus freeing up engineering talent to focus on innovative activities,” Kindiger told The Canadian Business Journal.

Social IT Process Automation

By developing workplace, data center, and network automation software that alleviates an organization’s burden in managing their existing technology infrastructures, gen-E has ushered in a new era of social ITPA-powered business. With Resolve, the software provider that is proving that social and automation are fundamental to changing the way companies operate, allowing engineers to focus on innovation, and ultimately providing advanced capabilities for end users.

“The massive collection of data centers and networks that are required to deliver these services to regular, everyday technology end users has become a true burden,” Kindiger said. “We continue to see an accelerating proportion of engineers that are required to keep these systems up and running.”

Partnering with large ecosystem vendors such as IBM and others, gen-E offers enterprises a unique, vendor-independent approach to IT automation, allowing them to overcome the most central business challenges of our time by shifting the focus to process improvement and business innovation – key ingredients to successful IT strategy. gen-E solves business challenges across network operations, provisioning, and cloud services, Kindiger said.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing represents a new wave of the technological change in business. gen-E recognizes the complexities of delivering cloud computing infrastructure, which poses complex integration challenges from a process and technology standpoint.

“No enterprise moves everything to the cloud immediately,” Kindiger explained. “They’re selecting public cloud apps and prototyping private cloud offerings to deliver portions of their business services, and Resolve allows organizations to integrate these cloud offerings into their existing IT processes to deliver more automation across IT.

“Our software allows them to seamlessly provide complex services that include public and private cloud components and traditional enterprise IT components, which saves significant operational complexity and expense by allowing a singular, integrated approach to IT operations.”

Companies are embracing cloud computing for a number of reasons, but most importantly to optimize resources and capacity and to reduce capital expenses.

IT departments are faced with the challenge of revamping their existing IT processes for increased automation in order to meet ongoing demand and evolving IT capabilities.

Addressing Business Challenges

“We address a really important challenge in American business, and that is that a large percentage of the brain trust that exists within technology organizations is consumed with ‘sustaining’ activities,” Kindiger said. “That has constrained the ability to innovate and it reduces the ability to compete around the world. We address that dead-on with our technology, allowing organizations to control the non-value-added operational costs that really drag down their business, and to invest more heavily in innovating and being more competitive.”

It is a message that has resonated with gen-E clients in the past few years, which has allowed the company to effectively weather recent economic conditions.

In fact, earlier this year, gen-E partnered with a private equity firm that will assist the company in reaching its marketplace potential, given the trends it has reported across the IT landscape.

“We have a product that is No. 1 in feature-functionality capabilities, with a very innovative approach to solving the problems that the IT process automation space focuses on,” Kindiger summarized. “Our goal is to blitz the worldwide marketplace. We’ve invested very aggressively, signing up channel partners throughout the world. We expect, five years from now, to be the No. 1 player in the IT process automation space in North America, and either first or second in every major growth market in the world.”