George Media Appoints Linda Neal as Chief Executive Officer

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (Marketwire – Jan. 18, 2011) – George Media Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Neal to the position of Chief Executive Officer with the company, effective January 1, 2011. Linda, who was formerly Vice President of Finance, joined George Media in July, 2009. Linda brought with her over 20 years of corporate and senior management experience.

"I am very pleased to see Linda step into the role as CEO," said Michael Alexander-Jones, President of George Media Inc. "With Linda at the helm, I am convinced that we have the right management team in place to lead George Media to achieve next year’s goals. She has already made significant progress shaping George Media into the business it is today—the appointment is a great fit."

Linda is a Certified General Accountant (CGA), who prior to joining George enjoyed a long and successful career leading multifaceted Corporate Finance teams within several international insurance companies.

About George Media

George Media is the world’s leading online publishing company, and the first online publishing company producing BPA-audited digital magazines. George Media publishes its cornerstone publication The Canadian Business Journal, as well as The International Resource Journal, The American Business Journal, The African Business Journal, and The Australian Business Journal. George Media Inc. is proud to be a registered Canadian company promoting international business.